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Talking Economy with Forbes’ Kym McNicholas

I was at David Kirkpatrick’s Techonomy conference in Tucson a few weeks ago, and was fortunate to spend time with Kym McNicholas (interview) and Steve Case (over lunch) talking about our economy.

View the video of my interview with Kym here.

I had not ever met Steve before, but he’s one of the most outspoken and visible leaders in the US trying to promote change in our economy (for more, subscribe to his Twitter feed @stevecase). He’s the Chairman of the newly formed Startup America Partnership and is an active venture investor (in companies like LivingSocial and Exclusive Resorts).  If you read up on Startup America, it’s focused on doing what I talk about in my interview with Kym – leveraging the models and programs that have worked in Silicon Valley to help build and grow companies throughout the country (in places like Des Moines, New Orleans and Burlington).

The bottom line – emphasized to Kym by both Steve and myself – helping create, grow and finance companies is the most important thing we can do to create long-term jobs and a healthy economy in the US.  It’s the model that has worked unbelievably well for decades in Silicon Valley, and we need to get the model working elsewhere in the US.  Let’s get moving!


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