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This Week in Bubble Talk: a Recap

An interesting week for “Is Silicon Valley in a bubble?!?!?!” talk, which has been the ongoing topic du jour for the past year.  Here are a few of the relevant articles.  It’s a fun debate.  IMHO – I think Fred, Dan and Dave are closest to center of truth. The Journal has a good article, but misses the mark (for reasons noted in Fred, Dan and Dave’s posts).  Note: for TechMeme junkies, there’s nothing new here.

The Wall Street Journal kicked things off this week with an article titled “Web Startups Hit Cash Crunch.”

Union Square Ventures’ Fred Wilson responded and added data points from his own experience with a blog post entitled “What We Are Seeing.”

Fortune’s Dan Primack put up a post entitled “Where Startups Really Get (Cash) Crunched.”

Dave Whorton in Forbes – the Facebook IPO may actually reset valuations (vs accelerate them) – “Will Facebook’s IPO Mark the Beginning of the End?”

Bubble or no bubble, the best piece of wisdom is in the last piece of Dave’s article.  If you’re an entrepreneur, keep your head down, focus on building a great company, and things will work out fine.  It took LinkedIn 9 years to get public, and its shareholders are thrilled.  Yours will be too if you build something great over the long term.

What Was Silicon Valley Like After the Bubble Burst?

That’s the question posed on Quora, pretty good answer by attorney Antone Johnson.  It’s actually pretty hard to describe to people who were not in SV at the time – the emotional, financial, etc. fallout was amazing.  He does a pretty good job of highlighting where some of the collateral damage occurred across the Bay Area and beyond.

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