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Focus.com CEO Scott Albro: “Are Technology and Productivity Gains Quashing the Jobs Recovery?”

Good article by (GGV portfolio company) Focus.com CEO Scott Albro today on Forbes.com.   I agree with many of Scott’s points, and one need look no further than to compare the technology job market in Silicon Valley – which is red-hot and companies are routinely competing aggressively for top hires – and say, a small manufacturing-oriented city in the Midwest.  I haven’t spent a lot of time in the Midwest, but from what I can tell, unemployment continues to show no signs of abating.  Focus has a unique perspective in that it can routinely sample or poll its user base – composed of roughly 1 million monthly visitors, most of whom are executives with small and mid-market businesses.  Will be interesting to see if Scott is right, and “this time it’s different.”

On another note, I do have to wonder how much Scott paid Forbes to put the line “Scott Albro: Too Productive?” below his photo!

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