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Good Karma

When I tell people I spend 25-50% of my time with early stage entrepreneurs and companies, most think I am crazy – GGV  is a growth/expansion stage investor.  Yesterday I got an email from an entrepreneur that really made me happy – and validated a lot of what I spend my time on.  In short, I’ve been there as an entrepreneur, and I know how helpful good introductions can be.  I really liked what this entrepreneur is doing (though we haven’t met), and introduced him to a few angels who I thought might like it as well.   Per his email below, the intros really helped.

To be fair, it’s not all about good karma – hopefully my intros and his angel funding help him create a great company that GGV and other VC’s can fund 1-2 years from now!

From: <> [mailto:name@name.com]
Sent: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 7:23 AM
To: Jeff Richards
Subject: Thank you


Just wanted to thank you for your introduction to <<Name>>.  When you and I first spoke, you said “I want to help you finish out your round”.  Well sir, you were incredibly instrumental in making that happen and I wanted to say thanks!

<<detail on names / amounts of investment>>

Basically, I’m way oversubscribed and wanted to thank you very much for the connection.  You and I haven’t met so it’s especially important for me to let you know how much I appreciate the good will you showed me.  Please let me at least take you to an amazing dinner the next time I’m in SF.



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